Junk Car Removal

Navy City Metals Makes it easy to remove your junk car!

Navy City Metal Recycling is dedicated to the preservation of our environment. In Kitsap county, vehicle recycling plays a major role in this venture. We have custom-tailored programs aimed specifically at the correct disposal of these “End of Life Vehicles” (ELV’s) for both industry and the private sector. Since approximately 65% of the average complete vehicle is some form of recyclable metal, these are obviously a major part of our effort.


NCM Recycling has its finger on the pulse of the auto wrecking industry. Our family of recycling centers includes auto wrecking operations; so we have first hand knowledge of how important scrap metal is to your bottom line. These are some of the services we offer:

For more information on Automobile Recycling, please contact us.

Private Parties

Our “Street Cars” program was designed to cater to the specific needs of the general public. Print and internet ads reflect the current pricing for vehicles exactly like that old car you’ve been holding onto for years that’s taking up the extra parking space in the driveway or garage. Running or not, we want your old vehicle and you have ownership documentation. Free towing is available in certain areas, and our drivers are fast, courteous and knowledgeable. Since we dispatch our own trucks, we can give you accurate estimates for pick-up times, and we pay cash on the spot if your car applies! We are and have been a licensed auto dismantler in the state of Washington for over 70 years, so we will take care of all the DMV paperwork so you don’t have to. We also continue to work with other private and state-funded programs as well as charitable donation organizations to help clean up our environment by getting gross-polluters off our highways.

“Levi and the crew and Navy city metals are amazing. I have never been treated with anything less than respect and have always felt welcome. I have witnessed, on many occasions, him giving people higher prices the whatever they are bringing in is valued at. Not to mention all of the extra things he does for his customers.”

Samantha Campbell

“They are great here! They get the job done and we always have a good time and few laughs when we go! They are pretty fast as they are a pretty busy plaxe but make sure everyone keeps moving and they pay appropriately never over payed never under payed very honest people. Only place that will get my services!!”

Brandie Daniel

“My business partner and I make regular trips to the scrap yard, at least once a month, and I want to say that we have had great experiences every time! The one time we had an issue we brought it to the owners attention WHILE WE WERE THERE and all was resolved before we left. Great customer service isn't proven by having zero complaints but in how the complaints are dealt with and resolved.”

Ophelia Bird

“I've called to have 2 vehicles picked up. They did it cheerfully, and offered a very reasonable price even before I asked if they would give me money for my junk cars. I've gone down to look for various things from the yard, and always got all the help I needed. I even had a couple of guys push me to pop the clutch before that junk car finally quit running altogether!”

Jo Walter

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About Us

Navy City Metals Recycling is a scrap metal processing center that purchases both ferrous (ferrous metals are magnetic) and non-ferrous metals (non-errous metals are not magnetic). We are the initial step in the collection, recycling and manufacturing of new material. We serve all levels of metal recycling, from the professional scrap collector, including junk cars, trucks and buses, scrap iron, aluminum, copper, brass, tin cans, copper bearing scrap, electric motors, and all other metal products.
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